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Cooper Health Solutions provides a nutrition-based holistic approach to wellness. Whether your goal is weight loss, improving energy, or just plain feeling better we are here to help you. Your body is your most important resource and optimal function is key to enjoying life to the fullest. If you want to incorporate healthy behaviors around eating, sleep, stress management and your overall lifestyle you have come to the right place. We are here to help create a plan to guide you along your journey.

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Health and Nutrition Coaching is a process to help you build the habits and develop a better relationship with food and make better choices in order to achieve your health, wellness, body, and fitness goals. 

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Functional Health and Wellness Services

We take a holistic and integrative approach to assist you with your health and wellness needs.  We use traditional naturopathic approaches providing system support to the whole body starting at the cellular level.

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Nutritional Supplements & Skin Care Products

  1. Cooper Health Solutions proudly provides the highest quality, professional grade nutritional supplements from Systemic Formulas, CellCore Biosciences, NutriDyn, DaVinci Laboratories, Designs For Health (Click Here), and other leaders in the market.  These supplements are direct from the manufacturer and not typically found on resale sites. If there is something you are interested in from one of our manufacturers and do not find it on the online store, please reach out as we can direct you to our online dispensary (Click Here).  We also carry professional skincare products from Phytomer and other high-quality lines.  We appreciate you supporting our business that supports your wellness.
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