Health and Nutrition Coaching

Health and Nutrition Coaching is a process to help you build the habits and develop a better relationship with food and make better choices in order to achieve your health, wellness, body, and fitness goals.  We assess where you are at as far as your goals are concerned and together determine the best plan to assist you to goals.  We work together to modify habits and allow you to make better choices for your future.  Each session we work on behavior modification to build better habits around food and lifestyle choices. 

  • Personal Coaching – We meet together to discuss your progress, review your behavior logs and reports and track your progress to your outcome and behavior goals.  We discuss obstacles and how to overcome them, celebrate achievements, work on tactics for success and set new behavior goals to attempt (and hopefully achieve) by our next session.  Consider Personal Coaching like your own navigator serving and directing you every step of the way on your journey.
  • Virtual Coaching – You will submit your information weekly and we respond with our recommendations directing you down your path to success.  Like the in person option you will receive information on how to overcome obstacles, celebration of achievements, tactical advice and setting new behavior goals.  Unlike the in person option you are more on your own to navigate your journey.  Consider Virtual Coaching like having a GPS computer providing direction with more limited interaction along the way.

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